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Thread: CitroŽn M35 1969-1971

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    CitroŽn M35 1969-1971

    For once, a Citroen with an engine as innovative as the car.

    This extensively modified two-door fastback Ami had 995 cm3
    single rotor wankel-engine from the NSU-Citroen joint venture called Comotor.

    The body was build by Heuliez. During it's life span, only 267 examples were produced between 1970-1971.

    Edit:not a hatchback, but a fastback
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    thanks, I saw one during the same occasion as the Birotor, and there are pics in the UCP archives, and were shown in here

    you will notice that the car has no.411. Apparently Citroen "omitted" some chassis numbers in order to make it look like they built the intended 500 cars. The figure of 267 that you quote is correct. Another story around the car is that very few survive as the factory took them back and destroyed them.
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    Thanks Revo, had never heard of this one (only knwe of the GS with Wankel engine)

    Anyone has more history on the Comotor joint venture? (I love success stories... )

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    IIRC citroen only built this small number,cos they wanted the customers to sign a contract and allowing them hereby to "test-drive"the car.Maintenance costs were kept very low by the factory.NOT many people were interested,therefor the small number. These cars werent built on the production line,but on-demand manufactured. I hope this is all correct

    source: some citroexpert i read last summer.sorry forgot much of it..

    edit: While showering i suddenly remembered that they were built in a special factory n the Elzas/Elsace or whatever that mey be in english.
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