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Thread: DO LUCK Super Impreza 500R for Sale

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    DO LUCK Super Impreza 500R for Sale

    Name of Car : DO LUCK Super Impreza WRX 500R

    Owner of the car : Imperial Concepts Pte Ltd (

    Reason to sell : New Car Development(Changing Car)

    History of Car : Used for 2 years in Racing Circuit, 5th position out of 77 cars in MME 12 Hour Endurance Race in 2004, Time Attack Challenge Champion in 2004, Time Attack Champion in 2005.

    The Car is in Singapore now and is right hand drive (JDM Spec), we can ship it to anywhere in the world, the car is ready to race !

    Type of races for the use of this car : Super Taikyu Race, Time Attack Challenge, Endurance Race, Club Race, Touring Car Race, etc.

    Horsepower Output : 500BHP @ 1.55 bar
    Torque : N/A

    Engine Specs
    Base Engine : EJ22T
    Capacity : 2.2litres
    Pistons : Tomei Racing Forged Pistons
    Conrods : Tomei Special Racing Con Rods
    Crankshaft : Tomei Lightened Crankshaft (Confidential)
    Camshaft : Tomei Racing Cams (Confidential)
    Valve Springs : Tomei
    Valves : Tomei
    Head gasket : Tomei
    Inlet Manifold : Tomei 4 Throttle System (Confidential)
    Oil Pump : Tomei
    Water Pump : Tomei
    Injectors : Tomei 800cc Injectors
    Fuel Regulators : SARD Racing Special Modified Racing Fuel Regulator
    Fuel Pump : SARD Twin Fuel Pump System with Isolator
    Fuel Tank : Premier FIA Approved 120 Litres Fuel Cell with Dry Break
    Fuel Cooler : ARC Fuel Cooler
    Turbocharger : Blitz K5-660R Turbo (Specs Confidential)
    Wastegate : Blitz Type 47D External Wastegate (Confidential)
    Intercooler : ARC V-Mount (DO LUCK Edition)
    Radiator : ARC V-Mount (DO LUCK Edition) with ARC Evaporator and Breather tank
    Power Steering : STI Steering Rack with ARC Power Steering Cooler
    Blow Off Valve : Blitz (Imperial Modified) Special Racing DD Blow Off Valve
    Engine Oil Cooler : DO LUCK Oil Cooler
    Air Filter : Blitz Sus Power Air Cleaner
    Exhaust System : Tomei Manifold with Blitz Up Pipe, DO LUCK Down Pipe with DO LUCK Racing Titanium Exhaust
    Others : CNC Ported & Polish, Special water channel guide remodified, etc

    ECU : MOTEC M800 Pro with Data Logging, Auto Diagnostic & Maps Selector Switch
    Meters : Blitz Racing DC2 Meters (Boost, Oil Temp, Water Temp, Exhaust Temp, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure)
    Boost Controller : Blitz Twin Solenoid Boost Controller ID3
    Lap Timing : Farrington Lap Timing System with Infra Red Sensor
    Shift Lamp : MOTEC Rev Limiter & Shift Lights

    Gearbox : 6-speed STI Short Shift Gearbox (Confidential)
    GearBox Cooler : DO LUCK Gearbox Cooler
    Clutch : Ogura Clutch Twin Plate Carbon Pro Clutch
    Flywheel : Ogura Racing Flywheel
    Differential : Front(ATS Carbon), Centre(STI), Rear(ATS Carbon)
    Driveshaft : STI Lightened Centre Shaft
    Rear Differential Cooler : STI Special Heatsink Diff Buffleplate with ARC Differential Cooler

    Springs : SWIFT Racing
    Dampers : Super Ohlins (DO LUCK MODIFIED)
    Swaybars : DO LUCK ACS Sway bars (Adjustable)
    Strut Bar : STI Carbon Strut bar
    Miscellaneous : STI Bushings, Cusco Toe Arms, Flatt Racing Trailing Arms

    Bodykit : DO LUCK Phase 2 Aerokit (Carbon)
    Rear Spoiler : DO LUCK 3D GT Wing
    Bonnet : VARIS Carbon Bonnet
    Side Mirrors : Craft Square GT-N1 Mirrors

    Brake System
    Front : AP Racing 6 Piston Brake System with 330mm Disc Rotors (PAGID)
    Rear : AP Racing 4 Piston Brake System with 303mm Disc Rotors (Ferrodo Racing)
    Brake Hose : APP Racing
    Others: Cusco Master Cylinder Brake Stopper

    Wheels : DO LUCK DOUBLE 6 Racing MAT wheels 17 x 8J
    Tyres : FALKEN Racing Slicks Tyres (4 pieces) FOC !

    Roll Cage : DO LUCK FIA Approved 14 Point Roll Cage
    Seats : BRIDE Grandis II FIA Approved Carbon Kelvar Seat
    Steering Wheel : Nardi 360mm Racing Suede Wheel
    Fire Fighting System : SPARCO FIA Approved Fire Extinguisher
    WindScreen : HPI Racing Perspex Racing Glass
    Air Jack : AP Racing 20Bar Air Jacks with External Inlet
    Communication : Motorola Comm Port with PTT Switch and Driver’s Helmet Socket

    PRICES : CALL +Wouter's Home Phone Number or email to me at to ask (Will not entertain joy riders, serious buyers only)

    Free Spares will inclusive of Drybreak, Hoses/Adaptor for AP Air Jacks, Spare Disc Rotors and brake pads, Engine Oil, Drive Shafts, Prop Shafts.

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    You've chosen not to receive Private Messages, so I'll post it here.

    Quote Originally Posted by P.M. from me to hyperlemon

    I'm sorry, but we here at do not condone spam and/or the sale of cars through our forums; therefore, I've edited the links. If you would like to advertise, you can contact the administrator and arrangements could be made.

    Thank you,
    Damian/Rockefella + Mod Team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hyperlemon
    Inlet Manifold : Tomei 4 Throttle System
    That's crazy! Everything else on that car isn't very exotic, but ITBs are unheard of on a Subaru.

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    that elise in the back of the last picture looks pretty nice
    Don't bother me, I'm probably working while posting...

    UCP's biggest...oh man...i got nothin'

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    For someone who spent so much on a racing car you can't afford an autotrader ad?

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