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Thread: Carbon Fiber go Kart

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    Stiffer is not always better because if it doesn't flex it will break. With Karts not having any supension, chassis flex plays a big part in its dynamics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingofthering
    stick on a Honda VTEC motor, or Ferrari motor, engine on wrecked enzo came off, mabye you can use it to build a ultra-kart
    ULTRA Kart... haha, sounds good to me...
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    Go kart by default have no suspension, anything beyond that is an actual "car". The closest as someone said already is something like a Formula SAE car, which is made for a design competition. example of which can be see at
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    If you want to go fast with bike power you should check of the F1000 class. Tube frames but bike powered and near Formula Atlantic speeds.

    If you really want to do something different, I knew a guy who made an aluminum monocoque go cart. It had double A-arm rocker arm front suspension and a full aluminum tub for a chassis. Very cool. I think it was made in the late 70s or early 80s when aluminum tubs were still common in race cars.

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