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Thread: AMG in Mercedes Benz

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    AMG in Mercedes Benz

    Could someone exactly explain what role AMG plays in the development of vechiles for Mercedes, i have a rough idea of what it is about but dont know all the technical aspects of it.


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    im not aware of any development work they have any control or any say over as theyre just a tuning company sortof (theres bound to be some people thinking theyre much more than simply a tuning company so you'll have to forgive me for that one)
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    AMG is a tuner like the SVT-svt is for the ford tho

    mercedes owned the amg,and amg just tuned the normal mercedes models-like the turbocharged or supercharged engines,more luxury interior,improve the handling.....and more expensive

    and they've just built one car:CLK GTR AMG
    actually mercedes with the help of the amg had built that car-70% amg and 30% mercedes-something like that

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    Thanks guys>>

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