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Thread: Lamborghini vs Swift

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    Quote Originally Posted by PerfAdv
    I think the Lambo driver is a little out of touch with reality, this type of impromptu ego-wrestling happens all the time.
    hardly, he could've been driving anything and given the swift driver a dirty look. I'd feel harassed if someone who doesn't give a shit about anyone else is trying to smash my half million dollar car

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    stupid idiots blasting themselves and getting deaf haha
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    i'm guessing that this Lambo is a gallardo...

    the lambo driver was probably scared of speeding in traffic, afraid of damaging his car... but good on the swift driver!
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    That was funny shit. Sounds like a case of bad car/skilled driver and good car/poor driver. Although it probably wouldn't matter in heavy traffic anyway.

    Kudos to the nutjob in the Suzuki giving that poor lambo a rough time, though.

    I'd probably be in the lambo with the music turned up, meself

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    haha i own a suzuki swift and im tellin ya, a 190kmh top speed is VERY optimistic. the most ive been able to crank out was 145kmh, and the front end was getting a scary amount of lift at that stage and was dancing all over the road. but kudos to the fellow swift driver for driving like a psycho!

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteballz
    read the article properly. the swift driver was HARRASSING the lambo, not trying to drag him. he was trying to HIT the car.
    Read properly...

    Harassing the Lambo? Coming unnecessarily close to other cars, changing lanes without indicating, and generally driving without proper safety etiquette all should be considered at least some form of harassment. How exactly do you try and HIT a car and not manage to do it. It would be an interesting bull-fight where the Matador was chasing the bull around...

    The road rage incident started with a glance and quickly became one of the more bizarre pursuits on Sydney's roads.

    As the driver of a yellow Lamborghini sat in peak hour traffic in Homebush at around 8.20am yesterday he flashed an annoyed look at the driver of a Suzuki Swift, who was booming music out of his car stereo, say police.

    It was hardly a call to arms, but his frown provoked a 30-minute pursuit long Parramatta Road from Homebush to Glebe as the Lamborghini attempted to get away from the clearly agitated driver of the Suzuki, who tailgated the supercar and at one point even attempted to ram it.
    A glance? Flashed an annoyed look? A frown? Why do people tangle on the roadways? What more is usually done in order to engage someone? Rarely does someone do more than accelerate a little quickly or change lanes a little slowly, as rarely do motorist hurl pointed remarks about kith and kin... On a show about road rage, it was said that if you feel that someone is antagonistic (average young male) don't make eye contact as this may engage them and you'll become the target of their "unhappiness".

    "The Suzuki Swift was changing lanes, getting behind the Lamborghini and tailgating and also coming beside the Lamborghini at lights and revving [his car] and yelling at the driver," Inspector Sue Trusty of Glebe Police told
    As if we're talking about something completely alien and unimaginable!? How is it that they tangled for 30 minutes. Not defending the angry young man in the Swift, but how is it that the two tangoed for a half hour unless "Lamboman" was engaged as well.

    Despite being hopelessly outclassed by the supercar, the driver of the diminutive hatchback managed to pursue the Lamborghini through heavy traffic to Glebe, where the frightened driver flagged down a police car.
    Is this a newspaper article, the police officer talking, or commentary about the Cannonball run? Wow, talk about being completely smitten with the Lamborghini.

    Police were unable to catch the Suzuki as it sped down a side street and disappeared.
    Disappeared? Eluded would be more accurate a description, unless he was a warlock and blinked away into thin air.

    The shaken Lamborghini driver lodged an incident report with officers at Glebe police station, leaving his car parked in Talfourd Street in a restricted area reserved for police cars

    He was then given a lift home by police, leaving the luxury vehicle to be picked up by his company.
    Lamboman is a pussy. And how is a Lamborghini a luxury car. Luxury equates to comfort when it comes to cars, just because a car is expensive or rare doesn't make it a luxury car.

    Inspector Trusty suggested the driver of the Suzuki may have been suffering from delusions of grandeur during the pursuit.
    Delusions of grandeur? More likely irritability caused by low level of blood sugar.

    "When they were stopping at lights he was the one revving up. He must have been delirious if he thought he was going to drag [the Lamborghini] off."

    The high-end Lamborghini, one of only 60 in Australia, can reach 100kmh in 4.3 seconds and has a top speed of over 300kmh. The Suzuki Swift hits 100/kmh in 10.0 seconds and has a top speed of 190kmh
    Again, the Cannonball commentary. Are we talking about an altercation or a Top Gear-style head-to-head competition between a two thousand dollar Swift and a two-hundred thousand dollar Lamborghini.

    Police inquiries are continuing.
    Has anyone seen a Suzuki type car being driven recklessly in or around Sydney?... Remember, good citizens, small economy cars are many times driven by malicious and dangerous and unsavory characters... Be on the lookout for inexpensive Asian cars with windows down and music blaring, danger may be imminent...

    Quote Originally Posted by 2ndclasscitizen
    hardly, he could've been driving anything and given the swift driver a dirty look. I'd feel harassed if someone who doesn't give a shit about anyone else is trying to smash my half million dollar car
    True, he could've been driving anything and given the Swift driver a dirty look. The problem was engaging the Swift driver with the dirty look, which maybe the Lamborghini driver felt entitled to. However, it could have happened in any car. Just if someone in a crap-Hyundai sneers at you, you don't feel nearly as offended as when someone looks their nose down in a nicer car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PerfAdv
    Lamboman is a pussy. And how is a Lamborghini a luxury car. Luxury equates to comfort when it comes to cars, just because a car is expensive or rare doesn't make it a luxury car.
    A luxury is something that you own but don't need, he could have just as easily been driving around in a Mondeo but Lamboman wants to show off.

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