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Thread: unseen ford concept cars

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    unseen ford concept cars

    i found some ford concept cars which are not seen in other popular websites

    Ford AFV

    Ford galaxy k2

    Ford Galaxie 500 LTD

    Ford Thunderbird Town Landau

    Ford Bronco Dune Duster

    Ford Econoline Apartment

    Ford Fairlane A Go Go

    Ford Mach 2

    Ford Mach I

    Ford Super Corba

    Ford Thunderbird Golden Palomino

    Ford Econoline Kilimanjaro

    Ford LTD Berline

    Ford Thunderbird Tridon

    Ford Explorer concept 1973

    Ford Flashback

    Ford Bronco Woody

    Ford Fiesta Tuareg

    Ford Mustang IMSA

    Ford Mustang RSX

    Ford Mustang PPG

    Ford Thunderbird PPG

    Ford Ghia Vignale Mustang

    Ford Cobra 230 ME

    Ford Profile Concept

    Ford Surf

    Ford desk drive

    Ford ka step 1

    Ford Concept 2000 GT

    Ford UFO II
    (need pic)

    Ford thriller
    (need pic)

    ford T 2008
    (need pic)

    ford mondeo coupe
    (need pic)

    ford LIV
    (need pic)

    if there is any more unheard concepts from ford please let me know

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    That Ford Mach 2 is sexy ... real sexy. The Mach 1 isn't bad either.

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    interesting collection of stuff, just wish it was higher res
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    hold on, there is some more unseen ford concepts i've found

    ford gas turbine truck

    2001 Ford F-650 Super CrewZer

    however, i still can't find the ford ufo and the thriller concepts

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    i have some hi rez pics of that mach 1 out of one of my mustang books. the imsa too...i'll scan and em post em later on when im not lazy
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    there is one more concept car from ford shown at the 1997 tokyo motor show

    ford taurus santa fe concept

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    these concepts aren't so much as unseen as forgotten. many of them with good reason.

    but interesting collection of pictures.
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    Unseen, but not forgotten

    At least by me.

    1973 Ford Pinto Sportiva

    1973 Ford Explorer Concept

    1962 Ford Cougar 406 Gullwing Concept

    1963 Ford Allegro Fastback Coupe Concept

    1964 Ford Gas Turbine Concept Truck

    There's more to come, folks. Hope you like these!

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    More of the Unseen

    1965 Ford Aurora Concept
    I like this one. Wish I could find some more photos of it.

    1966 Ford Galaxie 500 Magic Cruiser

    1966 Ford Galaxie 500 Magic Cruiser
    This was a neat idea, and probably could have been a commercial success, if Ford had produced it. There was also a 1967 version built for the show car circuit.

    1972 Ford Mustang Milano Concept.

    1963 Ford Cougar Concept by Bordinat
    Now, that is one sweet car. There was a similar version, known as the Cobra.

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    1963 Ford Mustang II Coupe Concept

    1963 Ford Mustang II Coupe Concept

    1963 Ford Mustang II Coupe Concept

    1963 Ford Allegro Coupe Concept

    1964 Ford Allegro II Roadster Concept

    1964 Ford Allegro II Roadster Concept

    Ford, in the 1960's was an innovative company,with an interset in sporty cars, as well as their bread-and-butter family cars.
    Pity that spirit seems to have gone away.

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    Here's a couple more.

    1. 1962 Cougar I
    2. 1963 Cougar II - The 1963 Cougar II prototype car was a styling concept to test the waters for a Ford 2-door sporty coupe. The car borrows heavily from the 1963 Corvette...ironic since this was to be a "Corvette Killer" with 427 power. There were two Cougar II prototypes made, both of which still exist. The fastback was loaned to the Petersen Auto Museum in LA several years ago sporting a non-functional 289 engine. The roadster is still at the museum in storage in Michigan.
    3-5. 1970 El Gato
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    these are really good, thank you guys!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ford Splash

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    i think the splash is slightly more popular, however it was sold of an annniversary auction for ford concept cars in 2002

    what about the Ford Ghia City Star Concept

    i can't find any classic, press versions of this car

    how about the ford t 2008 what was that car?

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    i have a fewthe Fusion Escort


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