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Thread: Why do you like Honda?

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    Why do you like Honda?

    Easy enough. Go on, put some strong arguments to help me make up my mind.
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    Good value for money, usually cheap to run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by :Exige: View Post
    Good value for money, usually cheap to run.
    I like Honda Civic this is the most popular car among teens. This car has almost all of the qualities preferred by teens and their parents, safety, reliability, economy, style, performance, low insurance rates, and driving comfort.

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    Top class engineering
    Value for money
    a bit "boring"
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    Drive & engine!

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    Resale value. Not that you want to think about selling a car you haven't even bought yet, but it shows how well they hold up. And most Honda's aren't babied either. Get a new one and it should last you until you need it to.

    Of all the Honda's we've had, no real complaints. Only a Civic by brother had had no torque. So, unless you like wringing your car's neck, stay away from their smallest fours.

    And all the other listed reasons.
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    They make cool adverts

    (sorry we've never owned a Honda!)

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    Strong revvy engines. Not expensive to buy or run. Fun with reliability. They're usually light and not too complicated. Not sure if that applies to the latest models, though.

    What I dislike: image usually associated to them. Design that isn't that nice, exceptions made to their legendary sports cars (S800, S2000, NSX).
    Interiors: used to be the same boring japanese dark design. Now they're going a bit too extroverted and messy.

    Anyway, I never heard about a Honda that could be considered a bad business.
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    Although it happens at a small rpm band, their VTEC engines make some big power numbers for their displacement. They give the best of both worlds, economy and fuel efficiency when u need it, and power and fun when u want it. Plus the handle really well too.

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    They make great paper weights.

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    reliable, and fun
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    Its the Mcdonalds of cars.. love it or hate it. Everybody knows it.
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    - Great reliability (is there any manufacturer out there better?)
    - Great engines (fuel efficient in class, yet powerful)
    - Quality materials (I don't know why my parents chose the Accord over the Camry but I remember for sure, they chose it over the Altima because the Altima has poor-quality plastics)
    - Surprisingly cheap for the amount of stuff you get

    Yes, I know the cars are a bit bland and boring but still awesome cars overall. I'm really trying to get my parents to get a 2006 Civic Coupe (so I may drive it around )
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    No need to ask us, Honda's are consistently rated at the top of every consumer report (JE Edwards et al). Very well made cars. They age very well all around. As a result there is always demand and their prices reflect that.

    My mom and my sister both have Civics. No trouble at all for them. I'm getting one now if I manage to find the right one; then we'll be a Honda (happy) family.
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    my family has nothing other than hondas. we had an '85 civic that we gave to my aunt who still drives it (its got over 250k miles and still goes like a champ), now we have 3 civics ('93, '94, and '95 i believe) and they are extremely cheap to run and get great mileage. if you treat them right, they'll last forever. i drove the '94 (that we got new way back when) for 2 years, never did anything stupid with it, and i'd average around 33 mpg and nothing ever needed replacing except oil changes. now my mom's got the crv which i personally don't like, but she loves it. its awkward to drive with long legs because you have to control the clutch with your knee instead of your ankle, thats all i really have against it. and my dad's got an acura (honda) rsx-s that we all love.
    basically hondas are inexpensive cars that tend to lead their classes and last forever while still being attractive and something you can be proud of. they're also very environmentally friendly and aren't afraid to try something new (insight) or go somewhere they shouldn't (ridgeline).

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