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Thread: Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart (Z30)

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    Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart (Z30)

    Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart#1
    At 2006 Melbourne Motor Show ,a not-yet-released Colt Ralliart was displayed. It has been further enhanced by the works rally team with a range of specially designed "Ralliart" performance parts.

    Special air filter, sports muffler, lowered sports suspension, and intercooler pipe kit, a sports earthing kit, and 17" alloy wheels fitted with performance tyres are the basis of the performance enhancement. Cosmetic parts that add to the appeal of the car include gear lever shift knob, titanium pedal kit, engine hood fin panel and rear spoiler.

    The standard Colt Ralliart could easily establish a cult following for itself, as its standard equipment includes an aggressively designed full body kit, low profile 16" performance tyres fitted to alloy rims (up 1" from the standard Colt), Recaro sports seats, alloy pedals, as well as other desirable comfort and performance features.

    Colt Ralliart is yet to be released in any market, and will be released in Australia later this year. It is also powered by the same 1.5 litre MIVEC turbo-charged engine as the coupé-cabriolet.
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    That looks just so mean, I love it! Those rims look awsome with the red around it
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    The looks don't match with the car's "raison d'étre". Pure marketing.
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    if not for the gas tank cover, it would have been really good
    i know its shalow, but it makes a big difference visualy (atlist for me it does)
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    Oh, that thing is special in some way? It is NOT special in the flesh...

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    Flesh, what kindof cars do u drive...
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