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    Ferrari 575 GTZ 2006

    First official picture of the Ferrari 575GTZ. Rarity has to be the key word, as it is so rare to find a modern car as beautiful and so pure as the new Ferrari 575GTZ by Zagato.

    The background behind this fascinating project materialised when legendary Japanese car collector Yoshi Hayashi asked Zagato if it would be possible to create special bodywork for his 575M Maranello in the style of the famous 250GTZ berlinetta (0515). For Zagato this represented a new chapter in their long tradition of creating exclusive bodywork around Ferrari mechanicals, starting in 1948 with the 166 Sport. Yoshiyuki Hayashi currently owns several Ferrari’s, including a 166MM, a 250 Spider California, two Daytonas – a coupe and spider – and an Enzo. He has also owned other famous models, including 250 GTOs (3413GT and 3705GT), a 250 LM (26105) and 250 TR Spider Scaglietti, so his passion towards the Ferrari 250 model in particular is probably unparalleled.

    When Zagato received Hayashi’s bespoke request to sculpt an aluminium body around a 575M Maranello along the lines of the classic model, the coachbuilder informed Ferrari of the project as it provided a perfect opportunity to celebrate the original 250GTZ’s 50th anniversary.

    The original 250 GTZ represented Zagato’s first bodywork commission for the Ferrari 250, and has also remained the most admired. Originally made to order by gentleman racer and construction magnate Vladimiro Galluzzi to pacify his wife, the 250 GTZ represented the fourth Ferrari model to sport Zagato bodywork. The design was created from a blank sheet of paper by engineer Fabio Luigi Rapi, with styling touches from Ugo Zagato who at the time was starting on the Lancia Appia and decided that the two cars should therefore share similar styling treatment. The result was stunning in beauty and highly advanced at the same time.

    True to its forbearer, the new 575 GTZ perfectly captures the sleek lines, which at the time showcased an exceptionally low nose for aerodynamic reasons. Both cars also share similar muscularity with the rear wheel arches, providing the impression of streamlining and strength. Perhaps one of the most striking features of the 250GTZ, which was not implemented on the 575GTZ, is the stepped rear C-post which was introduced purely for styling reasons to make the car instantly recognisable. However, the trademark double bubble roof, that was first seen in 1954 on Zagato’s Fiat 8V, is present on both of the GTZs. The form of the double bubble roof is much stronger than that of a conventional alternative, allowing Zagato to use a lighter gauge of aluminium. On the original 250 GTZ, the roof used 1.0-1.2 mm aluminium, where as the typical standard lay at 1.5-1.6 mm.

    As with the original 250 GTZ, the 575 GTZ is finished with two-tone paintwork, although the metallic grey shades are far more subtle than the inspiration’s blue and white scheme which was originally commissioned by Galluzzi as a compromise solution because his wife hated Spiders. Despite its good looks, the original was commissioned as a stylish grand tourer and a competition car in one. Due to this dual purpose, Galluzzi ordered the car with hip-hugging bucket seats.

    After a slight delay, the car was finally ready for Galluzzi to pick up on the 30th June, which coincidentally marked the day of Dino Ferrari’s death. Despite being shocked by the tragic news and funeral, Galluzzi took delivery that very day after encouragement from Ferrari’s sales manager Gardini. Galluzi registered the Ferrari on the 2nd July, before competing directly afterwards in the Coppa delle Dolomiti around Cortina. Despite a minor accident, which lightly damaged the front of the aluminium bodywork, and a slipping clutch, Galluzzi managed to finish a highly respectable 5th position. After repairs had been made by Ferrari in Maranello, Galluzzi returned to Cortina in late July to participate in the concorzo d’eleganza. As passenger he took Elio Zagato’s younger brother Gianni, however Galluzzi left him behind and returned with a beautiful model who had posed with the car instead! After campaigning the car for the rest of 1956, Galluzzi sold the Ferrari to fellow racing driver Gigi Tarramazzo who successfully raced the car over the following three years.
    After Tarramazzo’s ownership period the car was exported to the United States, where it led another extraordinary life before being restored to its current glory. Sparkling under the spotlights at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, the 250GTZ was easily the most beautiful car on display. At the time, Andrea Zagato told Italiaspeed “this is probably the most valuable car at the entire show and it is currently valued at 4 million euros."

    Fittingly, like Vladimiro Galluzzi, Yoshi Hayashi is a keen racing driver. His new tailor-made Zagato bodied Ferrari also exudes a similar expression of timeless Italian excellence in its shape and detailing. The new 575GTZ is not only a tribute to Ferrari, but also to all hand-built Italian sportscars which over the years have built up unrivalled exclusivity in this field. Fifty years after its inspiration, the 575GTZ will be presented in a world premier at the Villa D’Este Concours D’Elegance, Cernobbio (Italy) next weekend.
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