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Thread: Is the Porsche 993 the best?

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    Thanks for your replies sofar guys, to be honest, I am not a Porsche fan at all, but my son says that for my use i.c. long distance driving and the last 400 km's in the mountains, Porsche might qualify best.
    Furthermore, reliable, not too exotic, good performance etc.
    And: yes, a coupé is stiffer than a cabrio and should be preferred. But I like open air in France.

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    Long distance ? how long ? You REALLY dont' want a rag top if travellign long distances at speed. You just cant' get away from the extra noise
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    That is a consideration: to drive 1200 kms in a single trip in an open car could be annoying....however I had a few open's in the past and I cannot remember that I didn't like it. Even in the winter I drove open top.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D'ARTOIS
    Furthermore, reliable, not too exotic, good performance etc. - I like open air in France.
    These points alone make it seem like the 993 Cabrio would be an excellent choice for you

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    In my opinion the 993 is one of the best looking 911s, second only to the original. Plus as it's the last ari-cooled variant, it should have the most refined design and sorted out all the problems.
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    The 993 version of the 911 is probably the best looking Porsche since the 356; particularly the Carrera S/4S. However, in terms of driving dynamics and drivability a recent Boxster is probably a “better” car.

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    Probably, but then you'd be a boxter driver.

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    the 993 is the only version of the 911 that i think is really sexy. loved it when it forst came out, still love it. also probably the only porsche that i would own. and to drive it in the mountains with the top down would be sublime.
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