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Thread: Drawing of Lamborghini Countach

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    Drawing of Lamborghini Countach

    here is the Lambo, Drawing took around 2.5 hours. Had to be scanned it two parts, if anyone can photoshop the line out it would be greatly appreciated. Also please critique the drawing and point out areas to improve.
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    Looks pretty good! Improve the scanning method!

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    you could straighten up the curves a bit, some of the circles in the wheel look a bit off, maybe a little oblong, but otherwise great

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    Lines. Try using long, straight strokes ( dont use ruler ), and refrain from using multiple strokes around curves, like around the tyres. Try to add more contrast, such as, darken the interior. Also, use tonal shading. I reccomend you to start shading from the darkest, to the lightest. Try spending more time in shading. I'd consider the current shading as ' colouring '. One more thing; if you want to make the car stand out, try using 'negative space', which is the area around the car. EG: the car it self, is the positive space. The negative space, would be the dark area around the car. Also, remember not to 'over shade' the picture. The dash board is over shaded, which I would call as ' black drawing '. Try putting more detail in as well. Nice sketch.
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    Sorry for the excessive comment..
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