Hello everyone, haven't been around in a while. Just stopped by to show everyone something cool. I spotted this on the every handy internet.

Far more exciting,than any luxury submarine, is the Innespace Dolphin. The Dolphin is a unique aquatic vessel that is shaped like a dolphin. Highly maneuverable and very fast, the company likens it to the underwater version of a jet airplane. Like a real dolphin, it can leap out of the water, do barrel rolls and complete mid-air rolls with inverted landings (see video). The vehicle is lighter than water and uses its forward momentum to "fly" beneath the surface, rather than sinking in the way that traditional watercraft do. Powdered by a 110 horsepower Yamaha Waverunner engine, it can reach speeds of up to 30 mph on the surface and 20 mph when fully submerged. At the moment, dives are limited to a few feet beneath the surface and can be sustained for only a few seconds.

Currently, the Dolphin is only used for demonstration purposes, but will soon be available to lease by production companies. Innespace is working on a two seater version, due for release next year. Once it has been completed, it shouldn't take long for a wait-list for form to buy them.


(btw this isnt spam just thought it was super cool- had no idea there was anything like this around...)

Pretty cool eh? Here is a link to a brief clip.