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If that logic would actually be applied there would be no historic cars left at all. It's rediculous to expect a repair to any car to be worth the money. I'm positive that you have spent more on your cars than they have increased in worth. So it would have been best to send them to the breakers or let Idiot Clarkson destroy it. Also I don't appreciate being called a noob.
Wouter you've missed the basics of car economics.

Once a car becomes less available then the value of that car to potential owersn becomes higher and so teh £5000 repair produces a car that can be sodl for £10,000 and then it's viable.

Thought that was obvious

Of course the idiots who fuelled the classic car boon of the 80s got their fingers burnt badly and we are now in a ore realistic realm where some carsdo NOT get salvaged and prices are more "sensible" ( well apart form the serious idiots who will still shell out for the cachet )

erm you dont' like the "noob" ? then please read ?
I've made it clear I've already let MANY Bagheera's go the the scrap yard.
I even explained at length the economics of it and why I'm at three
Sorry W, that is worthy of an wned:

AS I had said, everyone would like cars saved as long as it's not THEM having to put in the effort and the cost. The world doesnt' work like that.
Yes, sometimes we lose things forever ... but in general the last 50 years has created a realisation of the value of "history" much more than the previous 100 years had ( with the exception of hine furniture and jewellery )
So as the 911s become rarer then less will go to the scrap yard. Until then you have to jsut accept THAT is economics at play