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Thread: Cali Subaru ( flash back )

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    Cali Subaru ( flash back )

    So for some of you who remeber my " Cali accord " i decieded to make a new version from a Subaru , its just a 1 night chop , not alot done but i wanted it " clean " and realistick i rebrushed the cars body to white and brushed / seats / mirrors / decals / and other details .

    i added black rims and remade the colour of the brakes to Orange / yellow to suit the rest of the style , i also re made the rearlights and remove the top part from the stock ones .rebrushed the Muffler and added new background with some new reflections here and there ,

    its not a perfect chop, but im satisfied with the resaullt =) hope you like it

    " base " Gray Subaru

    My Cali light Tune
    ( white one )

    thanks for watchin =)

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    thats awsome, there is just something wrong with the window, there is a mysterious vertex right in the middle of it
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    Good job..

    Although the relflections in the side window don't match up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6'bore
    Good job..

    Although the relflections in the side window don't match up.


    thanks for comments fellas =)


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    Awesome chop Glac, never cease to impress. My only concern is the tribal vinyl (blue/yellow) on the side of the car, seems... virtual. Now, someone of my chopping caliber shouldn't be giving you tips (), but I'd lower the opacity about 5% and/or change the perspective so the front of the graphic looks a bit smaller (the vanishing point kind of effect if you know what I'm saying).

    Otherwise, it's great, especially like the STi Muffler.
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    I don't remember your Cali Accord, but I like this chop anyway.

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    hi chris !
    it's an crazy idea , very nice , your chop is perfect , she's finished ?

    i don't forget you , your impression send you soon , i talk you later ...

    @+ fuji_san

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