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    ABT Audi S4+ Avant

    Abt S4+ Avant. The ab(t)solute sportscar

    There is no other more direct way of bringing the fascination of the DTM (German Touring Car Masters) onto the streets: With the Abt S4+ for the first time Abt Sportsline’s customers do not only profit from the technical know-how of the successful racing team, but also with regards to the optics distinctive colour is shown by Abt Sportsline: The ab(t)solute sportscar with 344 HP (253 kW) and brutal 410 Nm torque is painted in the design of the current DTM-cars of Christian Abt and the 2002 champion Laurent Aiello.

    Especially the opponents in the DTM know the marked rear of the Abt-Audi TT-R only too well - very much to their distress. After sensationally winning the title in the previous year, also in the past season only the Abt team managed to break the Mercedes-victory serial. From now on the black-yellow painting will also be seen more often on Germany’s motorways and already at first glance prove the unmistakable origin of the Abt S4+ from Kempten.

    A complete carbon set emphasizes the inherently muscular form of the Audi S4. The start is made by the frontspoiler lip and front grill, which underline the aggressive front view even more. Just like in one cast the baseline with the side skirts up to the rear skirt add-on made of carbon is continued. The discreetly integrated rear wing rounds off the programme. Even the engine compartment which houses the 4,2 litre large and 344 HP (253 kW) strong power train has been equipped with a carbon cover by the designers.

    The Abt S4+ suspension and chassis tuning were personally determined by Christian Abt. The current DTM-race driver and long-term Audi test driver possesses the skill of finding the most exact as well as comfortable tuning of the continuously variable height-adjustable suspension kit. With regards to the Abt S4+ of course Abt chose a different version: „Of course I tuned our S4+ extra hard and sporty, as the driver is to feel the full performance whilst driving...“ For restraining the power, coming from the removal of the speed limitation, the S4+ is equipped with Abt sport brake system and flexible steel brake lines. A double twin-pipe rear muffler makes sure of the correct sound matching the optics.

    Abt Sportsline has entered a new field regarding the choice of the wheels. Up to now the success models from Abt were kept in discreet silver, but now colour comes into play with the Abt S4+ : Matching the sporty-aggressive painting of the body, also the 8,5 x 19 inch large wheels of the SP-series are kept in the vehicle colour and are offered with ContiSportContact-tyres (235/30). Details as door pins and Abt floor mat sets continue the sportiness and dynamics of the ab(t)solute sportscar also in the interior.
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