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Thread: New old stock black ball shift - knobs for allmost all old Ferraris 246 308 328 348

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    New old stock black ball shift - knobs for allmost all old Ferraris 246 308 328 348

    maybe this is something for those classic FERRARI owners wanting one of
    the nicest original interior parts brandnew and in true OEM specification.

    True concours condition cars should only get those and not Mickeymouse stuff.

    You daily touch this ball!
    So haptics should be exactly as intended by Pininfarina and not Shanghai plastics INC ;-) .

    New old stock engraved and white or red filled shifter knobs with reverse on the left top...

    in the old black 43mm hard plastic size with precisely machined metal thread---
    Attention, newer replicas have plastic thread never fit tightly the chrome lever...

    often those knobs are replaced by cheap aftermarket alloy / leather stuff or something
    totally grabbed off / cracked by UV radiation and dirty by dacades of handsweat...

    Thomas Magnum P.I. would love to get one of these brandnew after all those years ;-)

    [ame=""]Magnum P.I. - Opening - YouTube[/ame]

    Only few left in my stock 150 Euro = 190 US Dollars (exchange rate 03.28.2013)
    sending from Germany worldwide, please ask for shipment fees (I dont earn money
    with handling and shipment) Using DHL German post registered air mail economy or express.

    non available anymore at the dealers list.

    There are some cheap fake china knobs on the market,

    Fake 40mm "toy look" pseudo Ferrari knob from China

    beware of those 5 buck Chinaknobs they are ugly (wrong too narrow "pop art" typo, made from light
    plastic and those are too small (40mm) looking trivial and much too tiny on any good original Ferrari.

    The original Ferrari knobs like mine have 43mm diameter

    not 44 not 45 and not 40mm.

    If interested, please email under or send a PN

    Best regards from Germany

    Harry ( )
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    Those would look GREAT in my Echo. Shift pattern's all wrong though
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