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    Vauxhall Cresta PB

    The Vauxhall Cresta was the British equivalent to the German Opel Kapitan, i.e. the top level car of the local GM range. The name was first introduced in 1954, as the top model of the already existing Velox. The first Cresta PA models appeared in 1957 and were two -toned, and the styling was very much USA inspired. The Velox version had a 2.2 litre in,ine six engine, while the Cresta could also be had with a 2.6 litre, which allowed a top speed of 165 kph. Technically the cars were rather conventional, completely in the tradition of contemporary GM products in Europe.

    In 1962 the PB version appeared which lacked the exuberant styling cues of the previous model. The 2.6 litre engine was now the standard unit and a larger bore 3.3 litre became also available. Production lasted until 1965, when the PC model was introduced. All in all just over 87000 PBs were produced.

    Shown is a PB Cresta model that appeared as a team car during the Le Mans Historique in 2006
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