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Thread: Why flames Come out ouf the exhaust??

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    Usually when you drive your car normally you won't notice, but when accelerating quickly, or breaking suddenly, your car can be adding too much fuel to your engine. Which will get into your exhaust system, in small amounts. From here on it's the process of combustion in your exhaust, for example C8H18 + O2 --AE--> CO2 + H2O. The activation energy that is required is the heat in your exhaust. This reaction is exothermic, mean in releases energy. In form of heat, a Hydrocarbon under the effects of enough energy can cause it to catch fire. Which is what you'll see at the end of your exhaust tip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Need4Speed View Post
    How u doin pplz.
    Ive just been wondering why some racing cars have flame comming out of the tip of the exhaust.

    I know a bit about why that happens, (a rich fuel and air mixture, and something about the valvetiming) but dont know exactly what takes place.

    WHAT exactly happens that causes the flame to be seen at the end of the exhaust tube.
    Obviously because the fuel air mixture didn't burn completely in the cylinder.
    As to why can be too many things.
    Usually a too rich mixture. Remember race/performance cars are about getting the most power from a given engine size.
    Also a too rich mixture can prevent knock somewhat.

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    Anti Turbo Lag

    Most car that spits massive flames were built with turbo to avoid turbo lags. Antilag system - Wikipedia

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