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Thread: Your favourite car magazine

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    After 40 years of subscribing to nearly everything at one time or another my mail deliveries are simple: Excellence, 356 Register, Hemmings, Sportscar (SCCA), Autoweek (unbroken sub since it was Competition News!), Vintage Motorsport and Classic & Sportscar.

    I have every R&T 1953-1974 in original binders. Great reference, love the ads and classifieds. Worth saving for alot more than nostalgia.
    Never own more cars than you can keep charged batteries in...

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    eheh...For me EVO is the best! ;-)
    -> (new photos every day!=D)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMC12 View Post
    eheh...For me EVO is the best! ;-)
    it was. or it still is, but it isn't as it used to be.
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    *cough* *cough*

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    i like EVO & octane

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeonOfTheDead View Post
    it was. or it still is, but it isn't as it used to be.
    Eheh yes, i think the same...

    Ah...Nice your blog! Very well made the Mantide's reportage!

    -> (new photos every day!=D)

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