Vital statistics

The Alpine A310, which appeared in September 1976, was a comfortable, quiet-running, reliable 2+2 coupé with a resin/fibreglass body bonded onto a backbone frame. It was powered by a V6 PRV (Peugeot-Renault-Volvo) engine that delivered 150bhp, for excellent on-the-road performance.

An engine upgrade in 1977 brought further enhancements in performance and reliability: the bore was enlarged from 88 to 91mm, and special camshafts, pushrods, crankshaft and pistons were fitted, along with a triple Weber carburettor.

The Alpine Calberson ably defended Renault colours in rally events, bringing home 1977 victories in the French Rally Championship (with Guy Fréquelin-Jacques Delaval), the French Rally-Cross Championship (with Jean Ragnotti), and the European Rally-Cross Cup (with Grünteil).

Data sheet

Name: Renault Alpine Calberson
Model year: 1977
Engine: Renault unit mounted with rear overhang - Capacity 2664cc - Six- cylinders 90° V configuration - Bore 88mm Stroke 73mm
Power: 150bhp
Gearbox: Four forward gears and reverse
Brakes: Ventilated disks on all four wheels
Coachwork: Four-seater
Dimensions: 4.20m long by 1.65m wide by 1.15m high
Weight: 830kg
Top speed: 220kph