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Thread: Old Car Magazines

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    i have just under 150 mags since start of 2002 i got everything from motor and wheels to driftbattle and xbox/ps2 mags
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    Quote Originally Posted by KonaGreen
    I wish my wife saw my magazine's as some of you do
    I put them out of sight
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    Quote Originally Posted by NSXType-R
    You're right, but does a magazine qualify as a book?
    Probably not. More thinking about the general direction things are going. I'm sure many of the publishing companies will provide online archives of the old printed copies of many magazine titles before long.
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    Ideas that came to my mind:

    1. Keep your evo issues and throw away everything else! It's the only car magazine worth reading.
    2. Weed your collection. Keep the issues that you like the most.
    3. Post in a local car forum and offer them for free to the first person that knocks on your door... wave good bye and cry! or give them to a library so that less fortunate people can enjoy them.
    5. Find space to store them and be a real car mag nut, like the rest of us!

    ps... This is how my desk looks ATM.
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    Im 25th Countach and I.. collect car magazines.

    My car magazines have been around a long, long time. I do check back with them every so often. I find it beneficial to see the past generations of vehicles. Not to mention I think I have one mag from about 82 that did a future issue. Quite amazing to see what was future then.. is literally ancient now. My car mags are very very important to me. I hoard them and protect them like children / cats.

    I currently have enough magazines to fill 4, 7' x 3' bookshelves from top to bottom. I also read, Intersection, Car and Driver, Road and Track, Automobile, EVO, CAR, Motor Trend, and Motor Trend Classic, AUTOMOBILE news, a Monthly Porsche magazine.. then there is my This Old House mag and I have about 100lbs of Sport Truck magazines. In all about.. a coupla hundred lbs worth of car magazines. Im not talking naked girl on car mags.. Im talking Road and Track back to 95 and sport truch back to 85. It is insane.

    I refuse.. to let any of my car magazines go. I couldnt fathom the concept of giving them to a doctors office, or any library. When I moved.. I had to condense some of my autoshow pamplets.. so instead of 10boxes.. I had 6. It was very very difficult.
    Its.. insanity. I.. dont believe in throwing away or donating car mags of any kind. I believe in bringing in a priest.. or some Cardinal and blessing / pardoning me.. for I have sinned.. If I ever tossed a car mag. When I go home... my mags are like cats.. all over the place. They are waiting to be read. On my book shelves, looking at me. I have so much to read every month.. (paired with all of the sites I hit a month, Thecarconnection,,,, CARS CARS CARS, etc etc). I swear my mind just cant contain it.

    I hate to be rude.. but sit in ya bedroom or ya den admist 10 piles of car magazines and bookshelf after book shelf.. of just car mags... and enjoy the world ya live in..

    And on top of all that.. I also have 3 book cases.. of just car books. I am a car guy.. but the insanity.. will not stop. And remember the 14th commandment..

    P.S KONAGREEN. I also share your pain. My fiance knows how many mags I have and how much I read a month. She also has to step over the car mags to get into bed.. and move them around in the bathroom.

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    In search of color slides (or HI-RES digitals) of some older vehicles:

    1969 Ghia Lancia Fulvia Competizione
    1974 Ghia Ford Coins
    1968 Bertone Carabo
    1970 Bertone Stratos Zero
    1973 Bertone NSU Trapeze
    1976 Bertone Navajo
    1978 Bertone Sibilio
    1984 Bertone Ramarro
    1989 IAD Venus
    1972 Iso Rivolta Varedo
    1968 Italdesign Bizzarrini Manta
    1971 Italdesign Caimano
    1972 Italdesign Boomerang
    1991 Italdesign Nazca M12
    1995 Italdesign Cala
    1967 Pininfarina Dino 206 Competizione
    1968 Pininfarina Ferrari P5
    1969 Pininfarina Ferrari 512S Speciale
    1970 Pininfarina Ferrari Modulo
    1984 Pininfarina Honda HP-X
    1989 Pininfarina Ferrari Mythos
    1997 Sbarro Ionos
    1998 Sbarro Crisalys
    1993 Zagato Ferrari FZ93
    1999 Yamaha OX99-11

    I'm a buyer at the right price. If available but not for sale, I'll pay you to have it/them digitized for me. If you have any of these, RSVP to

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    Ive got so many copis of Wheels magazine, going back to the early 80's its not funny, and for a while (9 years) I collected Street Machine as well, not counting the V8 supercar official programs and F1 magazines, I must have 300 or so kilo's of mags. I sold the first 20 issues of Australian Muscle Car on ebay for 800 bux. Got screwed cos the first issue alone is worth over 300.
    I'll never part with my mags, I grew up and learnt by their teachings. Viva Mclaren f1, Ferrari F40, theres a thousand cars I love because of those mags, and giving them away would be giving away my life.
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    Regardless of what it may be, be it magazines, books, consoles, games, whatever, I take stock of what the object is worth on the open market via a wee bit of research, then I evaluate its value to me as an object of usefulness/sentimental value/future value/whatever and if its worth more to me than to whomever I'd have to sell it to, it doesn't go.

    Great example just half an hour ago. Got a message to call some guy who's got my number from a friend and he wants to buy my boat. I don't use the boat and haven't for about 2 years, but I'm still paying a fair lump a year to store it. Before calling the guy back I come up with an approximate value to me, which as it turns out, is about twice as much as said caller is willing to part with. Net result? I'm keeping the boat.

    The boat and I have travelled to the south of France once and Belgium twice, both for international races. Selling the boat is my way of saying that I'll never get back in to it, which is disasterous. So regardless of the fact that I don't use it and its technically of no real value to me, its still worth a lot to me, just like your car mags.

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    If any of you in the vancouver bc area have old car mags or sales brochures that you want to get rid of, please email me.

    I have about 1500 brochures and about a 1000 car mags. I am not a dealer, as these are for my enjoyment only.


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    Hey boomcheck,

    I have a ton of CAR uk magazines up for grabs. I'll e-mail you with the ads that I have posted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RobPorsche View Post
    There's even a few Auto Motor und Sport (german), I'd like to see them read that.
    Be grateful if they manage to get beyond the pictures in the English ones and actually read the text.


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