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Thread: G-Power G6 V10 (E64-M6)

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    G-Power G6 V10 (E64-M6)

    BMW-G Power M6 (E64)

    With its interpretation of the V10 engine, G-POWER delivers a power machine that purrs like a kitten and which accentuates the silky characteristics of the original engine. The 507 hp, which the original engine generates in the M6/M5 with 520 Nm in the standard version, are already enough to rave about! However, the classic engine conversion implemented by the engineers at G-POWER, which includes the pistons, the valves, the camshafts and the manifold, in addition to optimized exhaust flow, adds the icing on the cake! Even the “coolest of customers” amongst the BMW crowd start to get hot. With its awesome power and yet cultivated manner, this 5-litre engine generates 620 hp at 7800/rpm, in addition to 580 Nm at 6200/rpm. When combined with the easy-to-shift SMG gearbox, which has been especially adapted for this power, this hot rod from Brunsbüttel flies in just 4.5 seconds to a speed of 100, reaching an impressive top speed of 330 km/h, up to electronic restriction.
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    looks like they chumped up a questionalbe looking car

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    Gotta find that Super Powerful Pepto Bismo... I knew I had it around here somewhere...
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    They should slot that into the M5.. without changing the exterior.

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    Actually looks good, not overdone in any way, shape or form.
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    That's some pretty poor Photoshop work. -

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    Quote Originally Posted by pat_ernzen
    That's some pretty poor Photoshop work.
    Yeah, especially that 3-wheeler on third painting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pat_ernzen
    That's some pretty poor Photoshop work.
    Not to mention the eeewww factor of the car...
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