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Thread: New Rolls Royce to combat Bentley

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    New Rolls Royce to combat Bentley

    Ask the head honcho at Rolls-Royce if they're jealous of Bentley's success since the two companies split in 1998 and you're met with a well rehearsed 'No'.

    Still, that hasn't stopped Rolls looking to edge in on the Bentley Continental GT's and Flying Spur's £130,000 territory with a new model.

    Work is well under way down in Chichester on the new car, which is set to arrive in 2009.

    The new Roller, which is expected to be a saloon, will be based on the same platform as the next generation of BMW 7-series.

    The Rolls will come with a V12 engine and may also have twin turbochargers to boost performance and further distance it from BMW's luxury saloon range.

    The need for a smaller Rolls is pressing because sales of the Phantom have not reached the hoped-for 1,000 per year target, and European buyers are said to be wary of the vehicle's size.
    Courtesy of Top Gear.
    Sounds like a great idea to me. But then, there is the brands image to consider...
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    they should market it as something of sporting car, not a 4-door coupe in the sense of a Merc CLS, but perhaps something with rear suicide doors and a swoopy shape that still allows for good rear headroom...

    wonder if it'll be based on the normal or long wheelbase

    though it seems this segment may get a bit crowded:
    Aston Martin Rapide
    Bentley Flying Spur
    Mercedes AMG S65
    Maserati Quattroporte Executive GT

    not to mention the Audi or BMW

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    I cant complain, I dont think Ive seen any of those cars in my entire life. Crowded doesnt seem an issue, they're too low volume. For that money, you go for your own tastes. I would take the Aston or the Bentley. Love that Rapide.
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    As long as they don't mess up the proportions like Bentley did on the Continental (especially the Flying Spur) with a bonnet 12 inches too short, I'm alright with that.. But they should heavily upgrade the Phantom engine, as it already only has 15 PS (same in bhp?) more than the 760i. How's the new one gonna fit in?

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    i like the rapide
    BTW is it a lagonda or just aston maritn
    quattroporte is cool

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