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Thread: Only in Dubai

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clivey
    My thoughts exactly, it's been disgustified. The logo on the back of the Veyron (if you've ever seen other pics of it) is so chavvy it manages to ruin any class and style the car once had.

    Why is it that so many wealthy arabs like to chav up cars and make them look so much worse than standard? it's a waste of the cars and REALLY FRUSTRATING!!!
    It only suffers to rich people having inferiority complex. period, rappers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ingolstadt
    It only suffers to rich people having inferiority complex. period, rappers.
    It's the classic case of more money than both sense and taste.

    The question is: "Why is this sort of thing (modifying a car only to make it more ridiculous/uglier) so popular in the arab world?"

    I think we're pretty used to the fact that rappers are just compensating for something (or a lot of things as the case may be) when they fit a 4x4 with 30-inch chrome spinners but this is a different story.

    I think the case is probably that these kids (mentally that's what they are) have grown up surrounded by their families' money (usually from either/or oil/owning large amounts of land) and have never had to use their own brains. So, with a mental age of about eight and a half they pay attention to things like "The Fast and the Furious" and 50 Cent, then they see expensive, shiny things and buy them for the sake of it, not because they truly want them, just because they can.
    "This is hardcore." - Evo's John Barker on the TVR Tuscan S

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