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Thread: A work of pure genius! - Brilliant "Revetec" Engine

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    A work of pure genius! - Brilliant "Revetec" Engine

    This thing is brilliant. Just check the site out, you'll see how it works. It's amazing how much rotational inertia is conserved... just look, you'll see. Revetec is an Australian company, by the way. Genius, mate

    EDIT: I just found a few stats on another site... apperently the power stats on this particular unit range from 85hp/250NM to 243hp/300+NM. Keep in mind that this engine weighs 50kg (For comparison, a tiny air-cooled VW flat-4 weighs just over 90kg, and it's a relative featherweight).

    This Revetec unit is 50% shorter than a comparable engine. High efficiency, and 12 firing cycles per engine revolution. This design is incredible. I'm completely impressed.

    • approximately one quarter the size and weight of a conventional engine (for similar applications) combined with improved output substantially increases power/weight and torque/weight ratio.
    • fewer moving and total components. As a result of fewer components, more easily manufactured than conventional engines.
    • identical cylinder head assembly (“top end”) to conventional engines. Most existing head technology can be either adapted or utilised.
    • Flexible design - can be four-stroke, two-stroke, petrol, diesel or gas, natural of forced aspiration.
    • Eliminated irregularly reciprocating components such as connecting rods.
    • Output shaft can be run in either direction if multilobed cams with symmetrical lobes are employed.
    • All rotational forces are counteracted via the counter rotating cam – eliminates the need for a heavy flywheel.
    • Torque and power output can be varied using a fixed capacity and piston stroke.
    • The CCE can be designed to operate at greatly reduced operating speeds while delivering high torque output.
    • Substantial reduction in stroke reduces heat loss through cylinder wall.
    • Extended piston dwell is possible because engine design allows a lower than normal compression ratio to be used reducing power loss from compression cycle.
    • Maximum mechanical advantage can be applied to output shaft at only 10 degrees ATDC utilising high cylinder pressure early in the stroke, compared to around 60 degrees ATDC for conventional engines.
    • Lower emissions can be achieved due to increased control over combustion.
    • Extremely low idle speed due to increase in mechanical efficiency at the top of the stroke.
    • Little or no bore contact/piston side thrust, which reduces wear on cylinder bore.
    • Can have different port timing on compression stroke than power stroke allowing better control two-stroke).
    • Lower centre of gravity.
    • Due to controlled piston acceleration rates the CCE reduces engine vibration.
    • A hollow output shaft can be utilised for specialty applications, such as peristaltic pumps.
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