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Thread: Richard Burns Rally - Ultimate Rally Sim

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    Richard Burns Rally - Ultimate Rally Sim

    Available for PC PS2 and Xbox, this is the game for those who want to rally as close as possible to real life.

    Richard Burns Rally - Game Features
    The most realistic Rally Game ever - Official Playstation 2 Magazine

    * Richard Burns, World Champion, 2001
    * Pure authentic Rally Simulation
    * 8 of the world's best handling officially licensed Rally Cars
    * 36 tracks in great rally locations and real life environments
    officially licensed
    * Rally School to become a professional
    * 1000's of potholes, ruts and rocks
    * Helicopter Rescues
    * Real life animals and birdstrikes
    * Spectacular Crashes
    * Spectators and Marshals that really help
    * Dynamic Weather
    * Real time of day
    * Realistic Crash damage

    Every aspect of modern rallying has been precisely modelled to allow the player to experience life as a top-class rally driver. Richard Burns Rally surpasses its rivals in every area -graphical quality, technical accuracy, car physics, gameplay and unique features. Marking a significant move forward for the rally genre, Richard Burns Rally pushes the limits of technological capability whilst revising gameplay conventions. Richard Burns Rally is a game that will both challenge and astound any fan of motorsport video games.

    Richard Burns is the UK's top rally driver and winner of the 2001 World Rally Championship.

    * Endorsed & developed in conjunction with one
    of the biggest names in the world of rallying
    * Unprecedented photo-realistic graphical quality
    * The most realistic, accurately modelled car-handling
    model ever devised
    * A variety of gameplay modes

    To reach the top and win a championship requires tactics, intelligence, foresight and perseverance – in addition to speed, aggression and risk taking. There is no easy ride.

    Paul Oakenfold, Andy Hunter, Pepe Delux and Plump DJs

    Music is so important to computer games and with Richard Burns Rally, this is no exception. We have exclusively licensed music tracks in the game from Paul Oakenfold, Andy Hunter, Pepe Delux and Plump DJs.

    Paul Oakenfold needs no introduction, a legend on the club circuit holding residencies at Cream and Ministry of Sound, he was also the first DJ to play the main stage at Glastonbury . Paul's DJing skills coupled with his A&R experience made him a natural producer, working with acts such as U2, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Massive Attack, The Rolling Stones and Snoop Doggy Dog to name but a few.

    Paul's work with film scores for films such as: Planet of the Apes, Austin Powers, Swordfish and Matrix: Reloaded made him the perfect choice to compose an original track for Richard Burns Rally. Burns Attack was written and produced exclusively for intro and menu screens on the game.

    On his involvement in the game, Paul said: "I am proud to be a part of the Richard Burns Rally game, I am a keen gamer and by all reports this will be the most life-like Rally game ever. I am always trying to push the boundaries with my music and this game is definitely pushing the envelope on gaming - brilliant."

    Other tracks exclusively licensed for the game are from a collection of highly reputable DJs including Pepe Delux Cruel Youth, Plump DJs Creepshow and Andy Hunter Go.
    Another of the great things in this game is that it can be easily modded on the PC version.

    Original cars are:
    Peugeot 206
    Mitsubishi Evo VII
    Hyundai Accent
    Citroen Xsara T4
    Toyota Corolla
    Subaru Imprezza 2003
    Subaru Imprezza 2000 (Bonus Car)
    MG ZR Super 1600 (Bonus Car)

    But there are many new cars that can be easily introduced into the game. Cars such as:
    Citroen Xsara WRC
    Subaru Impreza WRC2004/2005/2006
    Fiat Punto S1600
    Ford Focus WRC2003/2004/2005/(soon the 2006 version)
    Lancia Delta
    Mitsubishi Lancer EVO's (lot's of them)
    Peugeot 307WRC
    Renault Clio S1600
    Skoda Octavia WRC/Fabia WRC
    Toyota Celica
    VW Golf IV Kit-Car
    and even a Yugo!!
    ..and many more..

    There are still many cars being developed.. So if you want to take a chance and play this game, there's a large community of players here:

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    The photo's aite that good comparrsion wise?
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    Seems like they are.. The Japanese stages on the game are the same as found on the real WRC rally based on Hokkaido..

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    it is the most realistic rally game i've ever played, damn good fun but bloody hard

    GFX aren't amazing, as this game is a little old by todays standards

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    Theres a Hyundia but no Datsun 510!?!

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    I see they've moved on from colin mcrae.
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    is this not going to come to the us in xbox form? or is it?

    cause i need it.

    oh and if not, will euro xbox discs work in a us xbox?
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    its all the same, so it will work.
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    grr, i need a rally game, this game isnt available at walmart i dont think, and not sure blockbuster has it lol
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