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Thread: illu's lexus

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    illu's lexus

    for chop comp...


    chop (click images for higher res.)

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    I like the chop but the last pic with the decal really doesnt go for me. Not sure why. it looks like its just setting on top and not part of the car. you got the transparence right but the black outline of the decal that goes over the molding is straight and not curved to fit on it. But a nice chop!!

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    clean, your brushing is become seamless in alot of your chops, make it more consist and you'll be a real winner. The subtle chops are IMHO more engaging, as realism and detail are great characteristics in a chopper.
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    That's a nice chop. The only question that I have is what usually is that hole in the hood for if it was a real car? I've seen other cars with that little hole. Hood scoop for intercooler? I think that's a bit small if it was.

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    air intake, more holes = less heat. (but might mess up coefficient drag, perhaps in other words, more vortex, higher down force, better grip.

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