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Thread: Finally finished last weeks car

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    Finally finished last weeks car

    It took me long enought to get it done! I did three different renderings of if because I couldnt deside which one I liked best! So you all deside! Lot of the effects was made with photoshop. Like all the grill messes, head light effects and hood scoop. ect...

    The paint job on the first one took four layers and about two hours or more. (it was done intirely with photoshop no copy and pasting).
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    it's very well done, just not my style... but i like the last one the best, i'm oddly a fan of hte side vent

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    absolutly amazing. I enjoyed these very very much. The paint jobs are amazing.
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    well now, the green one is prb the best but I dont care for the browns in it that much, the yellow one is nice, the bluish one is very nice, wish that color scheme was on the green one tho !!!
    Cars design is way past my taste too....
    Well done there paint !!!

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    and. HOW do you make your special Carbon Fiber hood.. ?? Cuz its not specialy nice.. I love the Chop... all 3 of 'em..
    and the hood is amazing without that funny CF...

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