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Thread: STRUT Bentley Flying Spur Oxford

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    STRUT Bentley Flying Spur Oxford

    STRUT Bentley Flying Spur Oxford

    STRUT®, known worldwide as the leading automotive aftermarket manufacturer of handcrafted, triple-chromed grilles, wheels and accessories designed for luxury automobiles and SUVs, has announced two new grille collections—the Greenwich Collection™ designed exclusively for the Bentley Continental GT and the Oxford Collection™ for the Bentley Flying Spur.
    These vehicles represent two of the most highly respected rides on the road today. If you are an individual who appreciates high performance automotive technology, fine craftsmanship, and luxury, then a Bentley suits your personality to a T. You accept no compromises and you own only the best of everything.
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    I love press releases. They are absolutely full of bs...
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