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Thread: pimento's new car

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    Uh, that's a pretty solid purchase there pim. You got the enthusiast special semi-unicorn. Happy driving!

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    Congratulations indeed. This was the last Legacy generation where the car actually looked good.
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    What they said. Congrats!
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    Cheers gang, it's the wagon, and yea I don't like the newer ones. I'll get some pictures at some point when I'm home and it's out somewhere picturesque and the weather is nice. I had kind of wanted to find an R (the 3.0 B6) but I only ever saw one that went up for sale and it sold immediately - I pinged them the day after the ad went up and it was already gone. Thought a B6 would be a cooler engine to have, even though it's not as quick as the turbo. Of course, I'm sure it's possible to turbo the 3.0...

    Only down side is that the seats in it are rubbish when compared to the Volvo.
    Life's too short to drive bad cars.

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    I bought my Volvo S40 built the Netherlands in May 2000 a month ago for A$2000, unregistered but with greenslip. Almost perfect condition, just a couple of marks on paintwork. Am Very happy with it

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