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Thread: The Lancer is Gone....

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    I hope it was over valued when you insured it
    PPC - Put a V8 in it!

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    Oh dude. tres lame.

    i hope they find it, and let you drop kick the bass turds in the nuts.
    <cough> </cough>

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ndclasscitizen View Post
    I've been robbed! Some low life oxygen waster has nicked my ****ing bike!!!!

    ****! hope it comes back soon, Low lives around they can't get it with hard work so they take something that someone else has worked hard for.
    "Just a matter of time i suppose"

    "The elevator is broke, So why don't you test it out"

    "I'm not trapped in here with all of you, Your all trapped in here with me"

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