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Thread: My mate on a trip

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    Quote Originally Posted by fisetdavid26
    Here in the province of Québec it's 18. Don't forget to abuse that fact when you're coming to Montréal on your Montréal/Toronto trip.
    It was supposed to happen this past weekend, plans fell through.

    If I go it'd probably be in the summer or early May.
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    pat's sister is hawt
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    so is mine
    David Fiset says:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spastik_Roach
    and yet ****ing is only 16.....still makes me laugh
    It's so then by the time you're 21, you'll have a drinking partner who's bound to be more lightweight than you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clutch-monkey
    edit: he did have a kickass mini though. the carburettor protruded into the cabin and would backfire every now and then, igniting your elbow.
    Maybe that's the reason he can't write down his name now.
    Money can't buy you friends, but you do get a better class of enemy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McReis
    Maybe that's the reason he can't write down his name now.
    hahaha LOL
    Andreas Preuninger, Manager of Porsche High Performance Cars: "Grandmas can use paddles. They aren't challenging."

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    wow i'd like to admit i really enjoy all that bitching on ucp (the debates that is)

    as i'm not too familiar with UK, been there only once, i'd like to ask wether all the teens in the country are so dumb?

    really, those are just pathetic approaches to be hardcore. if any of those would be given a chance to get real drug, i'm sure he'd cry and run away. people like that would be laughed at over here, those are the least respected ones.
    from the normal people because they are chavs and from chavs because they're pussies intending to be chavs

    spoiled brats with too much time and money on their hands. i remember me and my mates being like that 6-8 years ago
    12 cylinders or walk!

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    Surely we've learnt a lesson here?

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    Looks like someone knows when they've been beaten.

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