Meanwhile in South Australia, more than 20 vehicles were either buried up to their roofs or floated away when a king tide engulfed a group of fishermen parked on a remote beach.

The anglers were taking part in a competition at Salt Creek, organised by the Lion's Club of Kingston, when the tide rose dramatically on Saturday night, stranding the vehicles and forcing the owners to flee.

Most of the vehicles were submerged by sand as the anglers watched from nearby dunes.

There were reports that a four-wheel-drive Mercedes floated out to sea from the beach, 220km south of Adelaide.

Excavators were attempting yesterday to dig the vehicles out.

"It (the tide) just came up, and once the vehicles go down in the sand the suction just holds them in and they can't move them," competition organiser Peter Cooper told ABC radio.

Several of the anglers were treated for hypothermia after a night camping in the dunes.,23599,21096649-2,00.html

Oh, and I am going donw there this long weekend.