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this is only a short way up the coast from me. i'm quite interested to see in what order they start taking the containers off. take off the ones on the low side on the stern in order to stabilise the ship a bit better and others could slide off. i can't see them taking the ones of the high port side because surely that would cause even more of an inbalance. anyone got any ideas on how they'd do it?
They are gonna come off the stern of the ship, sooo much easier. And I believe they are going to alternate taking one from port side and one from starboard side, hopefully at which point it should lighten the load. Obviously by the end of the week hopefully the remaining fuel will have been pumped off onto the SMIT vessel and thus make it easier for recovery to take place.

Apparently there was a problem with one of the crane barges today, im not sure what exactly, but apparently its caused the current operation to be postponed.

The process of removing the containers, is going to be a very slow one. The 2nd crane barge, which I believe is called 'Boa Barge 21' will probably only be able to transport between 70 and 90 containers at a time between the Napoli and Portland in Dorset. So early estimations are that it could take a minimum of 5 months to remove all the cargo.

Thens there just a task of removing the ship. The aim is to ease pressure on the fractures, but at any point the fractures could cause it to crack across the base and split in half. I believe the ship will follow teh cargo and go into dry dock!