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Thread: A little help with this pic please!

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    A little help with this pic please!

    Hello Everyone!!
    Im thinking about painting my wheels flat black, but before painting them I want to have an idea of how they will look!
    Can someone chop it please?

    The pictures are bigger than what the attachment system allows so I uploaded in another web.

    Thanks in advance!
    What's this for?

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    Someone will now jump on you and say, 'Please use the attachment system'... so I'll follow protocol and ask that you do.

    Flat black wheels look awesome on almost anything, but if someone hasn't done a chop by the morning, I will.

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    im not sure if i got the "flat black" right but i gave it a shot anyways with a quickie.

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    I think im going to paint them flat black, I really like how it looks!
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    What's this for?

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    Nice truck. I'd go black, but once they are black theres no turnin around.
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