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Thread: General Photography Competition #75 [RunOff]

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    on my laptop's LCD monitor i see the Noise but not the overexposure.

    perhaps it is on LCD monitors that these things show up more.
    <cough> </cough>

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    There IS noise but it's probably very apparant on your LCD because it's not calibrated, Cotterik.

    On my properly calibrated S-IPS panel it isn't too apparant, and nor can you see the noise on prints (Fuji Frontier) and that's what counts IMHO.
    I can see what you could call noise, but it doesn't bother me. It's pretty film like grain, no severe discolorations or anything.

    Ah well, congrats to speedy_2
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    this is the problem with different displays

    my display is properly calibrated, also with DVI input which makes the detail all the more apparant. But on my other non-dvi lcd it isnt so apparant. Strange. Oh well still a good photo regardless of which display its on

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