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Thread: I am scared of this Corvette.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baddabang
    You need to get over the fact that customize your own vehicle with a bigger engine to go faster, and making a custom one off body and exhaust system like this corvette has, is awesome and not destructive.
    It's destrctive in the sense that it doesn't preserve the originality of the car. Or even worse, it's an irreversible transformation. I never agree with any kind of classic car transformation that is irreversible.

    Quote Originally Posted by baddabang
    The whole point of building a custom car is making it the way you want it to be. I'd kill for this guys skills and ingenuity. Who really cares if it can take a corner? He built it to go fast on the street and he proved it can do this by driving it from Texas to Wisconsin.
    The only place in the world where such an hideous thing can be driven on the street is in US. A car like that would be absolutely forbidden to use a public road. And thank god for that!
    BTW: a car is only a car when it can take corners.
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    must be something if he needs 14 guages to tell him how fast he's going

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    Ford Thunderbird headlights - in a Vette... the irony...
    ...Utah! Get me two...

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    I think this is why designers look after the aesthetics and engineers look after the oily bits and they generally don't do each others' jobs.

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    pretty narli, but you really cant call it a vette any more, its like them rolex prototypes with a corvette body plus big blower, i especially like the gauges on the blower.
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    I think its pretty damn cool

    For forty years its been His car. And its evolved into His vision, using His undoubted skills, and expressly for His enjoyment

    There's clearly a hell of a lot of workmanship and love gone into that car, to get it to what he wants it to be. Good on 'im I say

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    Quote Originally Posted by McReis
    It's destrctive in the sense that it doesn't preserve the originality of the car. Or even worse, it's an irreversible transformation. I never agree with any kind of classic car transformation that is irreversible.
    I would ususally agree with that, however, in this case it don't find it to be a big deal. The car it started out with was ruined. The car it is now isn't really a Corvette at all-I only called it that because I was tired and couldn't think of a beter name for the thread.

    Personally, I don't like it. I think it's quite ugly and far too ridiculous, but I decided I'd post it here to see what other people think. I do respect him for executing it rather professionally, no matter how tastelessly.
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    Yeh, It may get 850 hp with 500 nitrous shot, but, how fast does it go around the Nurburgring?

    About the car. Those twin blower ports look large enough to stick your head in. I also feel sorry for the bug's which find themselfs in its path. Looks mechanically well put together and the engine must put the weight ratio to 90% front. That engine though comes at a cost, and those costs are the looks (IMO).

    *edit* One more thing, I dont believe that he has wide enough rear tires. They havent yet joined in the middle.
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