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Thread: I am scared of this Corvette.

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    I am scared of this Corvette.

    Once upon a time this thing was a 1966 Chevrolet Corvette.

    Now after it's been totaled twice, this monstosity has been created.

    Here is the article from

    "Love Is Blue" - 1966 Chevrolet Corvette
    by Blown&Blue

    Wow, where to start. I've owned it since new, 40 years now. It's been 'totaled' twice in it's early first year of ownership & was used in drag racing, autocrossing, solo road racing as well as car shows, all while always being street driven. It's gone thru numerous mods and was converted to a mild steel full tube chassis Pro style in 1992. All body panels have been hand built by me without use of 'kit' panels. I designed & painted the body, engineered the mechanicals and designed interior mods. Twin 'Be-Cool' custom built alum radiators w/Spal 10" puller fans are mounted in the rear deck area to cool the motor up front driven by a CSI electric water pump.

    It's currently a 468 ci 671 blown, 2X4 BG 750 cfm Mighty Demon, Brodix-2 aluminum headed, Milodon gear driven, solid roller cammed beast with Carillo steel rods, 4340 crank and Keith Black custom coated pistons. Oh, it also got a NX direct port nitrous rail system with pills up to 500 extra HP. It recently been converted from a G-Force non-syncro dog toothed 5-speed, to a 'built' Turbo 400 and 9" Ford 3:50 rear with Strange axels and Wilwood brakes. A polished C-4 'Vette front suspension and Eibach/Koni coil over suspension. It sits on massive Yoko AVS 345/35ZR15 fronts and Hoosier 29X18.50R15 Street Radial tires on Convo Pro 15X15 rear & 12X15 front rims. The exaust goes thru a custom built tube header to a flat 4 tube collector, thru a cross pipe to all 4 stainless steel 2.5" i.d. exhaust pipes ending in 4 Super Trapp 4'' mufflers w/o diffusers. Sweeeet burbble sound!

    This car did the 'LONG HAUL' on the Hot Rod Power Tour in 2004, then I drove east to Washington, D.C. and south back to Florida for a total of 4,800 miles. So, yes, it's a street car still. I hope you like my 'LOVE'. A total photo history & description can been viewed at: Be warned, it's got over 800 photos and will take a little time to see it all.

    Save the wave, Glenn "Mr. Blue" Smith

    It's nothing if not different.
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