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Thread: Gran Turismo Replay

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    Gran Turismo Replay

    Alright,so.. Im playing gran turismo with my brother, having a head to head, and the replays are a split screen like the race. So my question is ... is there any way to make the replay full screen like in GT3 and previous?

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    I think you might need to save it first. If not, try looking in the options.

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    I noticed the same problem in GT4 a long time ago (I haven't even played it for maybe half a year), and there's nothing in options to fix it. I haven't tried to save it first, but I don't remember whether split screen races can even be saved?

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    GT4, no, the 2 player races cannot be saved. GT3 there is a way. I'm not sure if I remember. Pressing square or something during the replay should change it to single screen. I also remember a screen coming up, maybe by pressing select that let you choose from music replay, split screen, or single.

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