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Thread: Best Homework Ever!!!!!

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    Best Homework Ever!!!!!

    The assaignment was to make an advert for a man's car:

    This is what I did on CorelDraw X3:

    Found the RS6 Avant pic, cut the mountains and road out and stuck it on a black page, duplicated the image and pasted it into CorelDraw PhotoPaint X3, horizontally flipped it and but the ripple effect on, then pasted it back in CorelDraw under the original. I then wrote up a load of info on the car and spend an hour searching all over for an RS6 badge, the best one I could find is the one I uses, a picture of the 'RS6' badge on the back of, believe it or not, an RS6.

    This is how it looks, I'm pretty pleased with it!
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