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    9,700 update (01-30-07)

    Dear visitor,

    Ferrari’s quintessential Grand Tourer is the 250 GTO, but before and after the legendary Italian manufacturer produced many other exciting GTs. One of the most powerful of these is the 330 LMB, which combines the GTO chassis with a slippery body and a 400 bhp V12 engine. Although it was not very successful, it has gone into history as the first car to break the 300 km/h barrier at Le Mans.
    With the total ban of tobacco ads taking effect this season, several Formula 1 teams will sport completely new liveries. Renault showcased their 2007 orange, yellow, white and blue paint scheme when they took the wraps off the R27 at the headquarters of their new main sponsor. Honda revealed the RA107, but we’ll have to wait a little longer before their new colours will be shown. Rumour has it that they signed a deal with BP, which might mean the re-appearance of green on the F1 grid. Green was popular in the pre-sponsorship days as it was the British national racing colour. It was of course also used by British Racing Motors (BRM) when they entered the racing world in the late 1940s. For various reasons, it would take a rather long time before they scored their first victory, with the featured P25. The four cylinder racer was not quite as complex as its predecessor, but was still equipped with some unusual features.
    Switzerland is not best known for their active automotive industry, but nevertheless the country has housed a variety of specialized companies. One of the least known was the Köng coachbuilding firm, who were responsible for the body of the Delahaye 135 MS featured today. One of the current Swiss manufacturers is Rinspeed, who will showcase the eXasis Concept at the upcoming Geneva Motorshow.

    Enjoy the links:

    BMW 130i Coupe

    BRM P25

    Delahaye 135 MS Köng Cabriolet

    Ferrari 330 LMB

    Honda RA107

    Renault Clio F1 Team R27

    Renault R27

    Rinspeed eXasis Concept

    Wouter Melissen
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    thank you sir for putting up a new delahaye. one of my fav brands and there isnt too many of them up here.
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    Great update Wouter!

    You rock your orange ski pants!!

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