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I know F1 is not about the looks, but I definetly liked the look of last year;s silver and orange Spyker over this one. I was kinda hoping for the other driver to be Doornbos so it would be a totally Dutch team - that would be kinda cool. I wish this team did better - I like The Netherlands as a country, and Spyker cars are kinda sweet - but it will be really hard for these guys to get anywhere in the standings. I have no idea how Minardi stuck around for so many years at the bottom and how they actually generated cash. I figured sponsors would stay away from low, low teams. I don't know what teams like this and Super Aguri are even doing in F1. What do they sit around at the beginning of they year and make their goal? Getting a point?
Most of (if not, all of) Spyker F1's sponsors are Dutch