WARNING: This is a thread for the engine design team only, If you have comments and you are not part of the engine design team please contact a member of the team by PM or post the comment in another of the open threads concerning UCP Supercar II.

Members: Hightower99, Jediali, P4g4nite.

Right to start the ball rolling.

So far it looks like we have to design an engine for a GT or a 4 door sports car.

This gives us some very general guidelines already.

-The engine will have to be driveable over a large operating range (good for cruising and for blasting)
-The car will be in the higher price range which allows us a certain amount of freedom (we can design a big engine )
-Obviously in the real world we will have to consider fuel economy. Having 600+ HP is great but not if it only gets 4mpg. Also emissions should be considered important.
-Because the car will no doubt be relatively heavy and because it will need to be a good performer the engine needs to produce enough power to get at least 500hp/1000kg. This will give the car excellent acceleration power.

As other variables of the car's design are decided (drivetrain, body style, ect.) Then we can get more and more specific and deal with integrating our engine into the vehicle.

My thoughts on the engine base.

-6L V12 or W12 but up to 7L if we go with NA
-possible FI with relatively simple twin turbo system.
-Throttleless (no butterfly valves, the intake valves act as the throttle)
-Lean burn with direct injection
-possible variable compression system (still thinking about that one)
-I would really like to run it as a detonation engine as it gets rid of the entire ignition system and should (with variable compression) be perfectly self timing.
-Valve control system that controls Timing, lift, and duration through a large range.

So Jediali, P4g4nite what are your own thoughts?
Any ideas?