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I don't see the whole idea of PM's here, I think that there's more to gain than to lose if people in different tasks know of the ideas of others.

A good example might be the Mazda RX8, where the Wankel theme is visible also in the interior.

I also think that things like emissions, weight, size and costs of the engine (etc) and the whole doability should be considered. Not just plain max power.

One question; are you thinking of using an existing engine (which more or less eliminates the issues with recyclability for one) or designing one from scratch, as I understood in one of the other threads?
you have some good points, IMHO :
- emisions/weight/size etc will be considered thoroughly as they will be part of the design process. They arent an afterthought and are realistic targets.
- Recyclability? for the engine will depend on material choice, which shouldnt be a problem, at least in a conceptual sense. People demand "oh it has to be recyclable" we would prefer "how about you use X material to make it recyclable" for a positive contribution. That would make a mature team
- Ideas will be shared openly, everyone can make there point known quite freely. I know ht99 seems to be controling this but it isnt going to get to the point where your shut out at all.
- use an existing engine? that would be sort of boring. I am confident that betweeen us we can through enough together to make at least a conceptual proposition with more than enough technical foundation and accuracy to meet requirements.

thanks all for the contributions and hope you can keep adding to the think pot.

EDIT: what do you study Twinspark..out of interest?