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Thread: EU: Proposed 18% CO2 cut

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    Another interesting contribution on the topic is the emission trading scheme.

    The story goes like this: Each company has an output of CO2. If this output is above the legal limit, then the company pays a fine. Companies that are below the legal limit can sell their CO2 "allowance" to another "lawbreaker" company. The buying and selling of CO2 follows the laws of the stock market, allowing escalated prices at periods of time and reduced prices at others.

    The funds gathered are invested in environmental research

    This concept was known for sometime ago, but today I read from the link posted below that the Australian Government has already implemented this.

    Can our friends from the outback give us more information?

    Ever heard of the Kyoto protocol? In my opinion this is just a desperate attempt by Australia to remove focus from their refusal to ratify it and make the world forget they're one of very few democratic nations to do so. Nevertheless a desperate attempt is still an attempt, and a whole lot better than nothing.
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    Burial at sea for CO2 given seal of approval
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    In the meantime the EC Commissioner for environment Mr. Dimas (Greek) has already brought forward an easy solution to significantly reduce emissions.
    "Introduce a general speed limit on the German motorways"

    I am sure this is going to have some repercussions
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