The Lotus Engineering developed ICAAT system refers to technologies that aim at reducing NVH levels in the cabin.

The ICAAT is an integral system that combines three sub-systems, each one having different targets.

1. Engine Order Cancellation

Most engines emit low-frequency noises (50-250 Hz). This noise can be "cancelled" (not heard by human ear) if an appropriate frequency sound is used as a countermeasure. Lotus Engineering has developed a system that can emit noise through the sound system of the vehicle.

2. Road Noise Cancellation

This technology aims at reducing noise deriving from the friction between road and tyre. Again this noise is a low frequency one. The noise cancellation is again achieved via the sound system of the car. The system has achieved reducing 8-12dB.

3. Sound Synthesis

By using the sound system of the car, the system can alter the aural quality of the engine noise. A 4-pot can be made to sound like a V6 a V8 a V10 or a V12, at the touch of a button. In fact you can make your car sound like it's something else, like a Star Wars fighter.


Looks like a good idea for the next Elise. No weight penalty in order to get a V12 for the price of a 4-pot. Perception rules