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Thread: F*%&^*$#*ing Roos Part Deux

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    F*%&^*$#*ing Roos Part Deux

    Well This sucks.

    Driving home from a night out in Civic last night at 2:30am, crusing legally along Yamba Drive in Woden. I pull slowly up the hill, Claudia chugging along at her usual tick-tick-tick pace. Suddenly i see two Kangaroo's - one in each lane (pre-planned?) blocking my path. I knew we were going to hit at least one of them.

    I brake - heavily. Claudia skids. I reach for the High Beams and the horn - blasting seems to have woken them up from their zombie like state. Kangaroo in left lane bounds off to side of road. Kangaroo in right lane is a little bit slower......We connect.

    Fortunately for us she goes under the front bumper. there is a god-awful thud and my back-seat passenger - mildly intoxicated - starts screaming. I just freeze.

    Skippy hasn't gone under the car - and just sort of shakes it off. she bounds off across the other two lanes of road and into the bush. we see her fall. but she gets back up. she's fine.

    Claudia, on the other hand, has suffered at the hands of skippy. Total damage bill is a fairly minor $300. i don't think i've stopped shaking.

    heres some pictures of the damage - the last picture is my Kidney grille - it shattered in the impact. the headlight still works but the bulb has been shifted - so it aims much higher.

    so, i repeat, F*^($&^(#)ing KANGAROOS!
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