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Thread: slowmotion burnout

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    slowmotion burnout

    I thought that this may interest fellow members.

    cheers malbeare

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    That's pretty interesting, it's able to "bunout" while basically idling. Nuts
    Reutlingen/ San Francisco

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    Another AU video, not to the same level of mechanical interest as the sixstroke machine, but a good technical burnout nevertheless

    This was an autotest, where the driver tried to do the full stage with the back wheels spinning. He had already done his time correctly this was just for fun. Personally I think this is the best burnout ever.
    (car is a modified early '70s Torana XU-1 which in essence is a repowered Holden version of Vauxhall Viva HB)

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    A friend of mine built and evaluated a six stroke engine the same as this one. It was fitted to a motorbike (Superbike I think) as well. The engine suffered from a lack of lubrication in the top piston that the development team couldn't solve. The top piston always ended up seizing.
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