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Thread: Toyota Yaris ( Vitz )

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    Toyota Yaris ( Vitz )

    This would be my fourth chop. All my other chops has been 'over done', with un-needed parts. Therefore, instead of quantity, this chop is supposed to have quality, and simplicity.

    I lowered the car, changed front bumper, widened arches, wheels ( this time, its matching.) , colour, and some smoothing.

    Please tell me ways of improving this chop, and also rate it ( out of 10 )
    I get better each time you guys tell me how to make it better.

    Edit: I forgot to post the original. so.. the link is here..
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    Very cool, nicely done. Though the rear wheel seems a bit wonky
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    That's nice man. Send it to Toyota!
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    Very sleek. I like it.

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    i like it alot. You definately achieved your goals. 8/10 in my humble opnion.
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    i think that adding a z3 style side vent isnt a bad idea. I will add it on my next version..
    My motto: Quality over quantity.

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    Heh, thats nice work!
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