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Thread: World's Fastest Indian

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    World's Fastest Indian

    Boy..I'd love to look inside that engine. It's amazing that this old Kiwi guy still holds world speed records after 40 years on a motorcycle from the 1920s. Valves had rockers outside the engine. So what did this guy know that no-one can improve on today? You would think a modified Yamaha R1 could do it?

    Does anyone know any information on the engine in the record breaking motorcycle?

    I know it was 1000cc and running on Methanol.

    This website says that the barrel was made from an old cast iron water pipe with aluminum fins. Quote: In their final form he in effect hand-carved his con-rods from a Caterpillar tractor axle, and hardened and tempered them to 143 tons tensile strength.

    Burt Munro

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    September 5th 2006:

    Today the streamliner Seven driven by Chris Carr archived the new world record* of 350.884 mph with a one way pass of 354.832 mph through the measured mile. This record is succeeding the world record* set the previous day by Top 1 Ack Attack at 342.797

    This I think is a three litre 16 valve turbo V4 engine.

    I just think it is amazing that someone hasn't set a new 1000cc record, and it's not like this record beater is based around a real motorcycle.
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